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Let me reintroduce myself

My name is Daniela Loaiza and I am the founder of LUCID DREAMS CORP It took many years and overcoming many fears to be able to say that with confidence. But let me tell you that, manifestation of God through this path has been real.

I had the honor of being Certified by Evolution Academy, as a floral designer, helping me not only develop my talent but also redefine myself as a designer.

Throughout these years I have continued to polish  my floral and artistic skills with great designers, Sarah Campbell, Susan Davis, Nelson E. González Prieto. 

 Judith Soule from Fresh Look Photography

I am one of the people who faithfully believes that every day we learn something new and that transforms us.


Photographer:  @michellebehrephotography

Bella Magazine

I am originally from Argentina, a land where I grew up among vineyards, fig trees and rose bushes, giving me the love for flowers at a very early age. 

Currently live in New York City, USA, a country and city that welcomed me since I was a child, which I also love, and I cannot deny it!

Photographer:  @michellebehrephotography and  Judith Soule from Fresh Look Photography

Lucid Dreams, my brand, is recognized for its standout organic designs with floral finishes that break the mold quotidian things. I consider myself a very detailed designer who likes to create a personalized and sophisticated designs, leading you to have an unforgettable floral experience.

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